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LeaderWorks is helping leaders and churches strengthen their ministry, work together in unity, and gain the momentum they need for gospel ministry. Both David Roseberry and Kolby Kerr, ordained leaders in the Anglican Church in North America, are eager to connect with you and bring added strength and insight to your plans.

 We can help your church or diocese develop a clear vision and form an insightful strategy to accomplish it. We have helped many churches overcome specific financial challenges by helping them express and develop their plans for stewardship. We have consulted with Vestry to help solve stubborn problems. We have worked with church plant teams to clarify specific callings.  

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Meet the Rev. Canon David Roseberry

Executive Director, LeaderWorks

I’m David Roseberry and this is LeaderWorks!

After more than 35 years as a parish priest, I stepped down as the Senior Pastor of a wonderfully faithful church and stepped out to serve the wider church. I ‘retired’ as the Sr. Pastor and got ‘re-fired’ as LeaderWorks!

Now I am a coach, mentor, guide, confidante, kick-starter, encourager, and partner in ministry for you.  I can help you find ways to refine or even define your calling and mission.  I work with individuals, Vestries, Committees, and other church leaders. I can work for you!

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Rev David Roseberry

Find renewal and insight

Join us on a LeaderWorks sponsored Faith Passage Tour

Each upcoming tour is Biblically-based, educational, inspirational, and enriching for any pastor and all church members.

Pastor Tours

January 10-19, 2018
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Oberammergau 2020

June 13 – 24, 2020
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Israel for Everyone!

January 22-31, 2018
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