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I help leaders do their work…

I love pastors, their families, the people they lead, and the work of the local church. I see a lot of strength and conviction in our rising generations; I sense a deep passion for the Gospel of Christ. So, after spending 35 years in pastoral leadership and church ministry, I formed LeaderWorks to help leaders with their work…

In the Summer of 2017, I will have my book published on “Creating a Culture of Generosity in the Local Church”.  (The real title is a lot more snappy…but is embargoed at this time.) I am finishing reading the galleys now and I am super-excited to share it.  Check out my blog/speaking schedule here. I am constantly updating my project list here. And when appropriate, I am copying some testimonials here.

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Meet the Rev. Canon David Roseberry

Executive Director, LeaderWorks

I’m David Roseberry and this is LeaderWorks!

After more than 35 years as a parish priest, I stepped down as the Senior Pastor of a wonderfully faithful church and stepped out to serve the wider church. I ‘retired’ as the Sr. Pastor and got ‘re-fired’ as LeaderWorks!

Now I am a coach, mentor, guide, confidante, kick-starter, encourager, and partner in ministry for you.  I can help you find ways to refine or even define your calling and mission.  I work with individuals, Vestries, Committees, and other church leaders. I can work for you!

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Rev David Roseberry

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Each upcoming tour is Biblically-based, educational, inspirational, and enriching for any pastor and all church members.

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January 10-19, 2018
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August 8-17, 2017
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January 22-31, 2018
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