Faith Travel

Go! Did you realize that that word marks the beginning of the joinery of Abram and the mandate for all disciples of Jesus. “Going” is what believers and followers of God do. It is one of the markers of biblical obedience. Abram was sent by God to ‘go’ (Genesis 12). Jesus last comment to his disciples was to ‘go’ to all nations. And the apostle Paul was the church’s first foreign missionary. He went all around the world—because he was sent!

In other words, faith is travel!

My wife and I have been following this idea for nearly all of our ministry. We go. We take people to the biblical and historic places of our Christian faith. Our main trip has always been our tour of Biblical Israel, a profoundly moving experience. It changes lives and deepens faith. It’s the kind of trip that you will remember forever and long to repeat again and again.

The tours are wonderful experiences that focus on the biblical story of Israel with an in-depth look at the ministry of our Lord in Galilee and Jerusalem. Each tour features experienced and educated guides, as well as time for me to teach on the biblical significance of specific locations. We arrange guest talks by local guides, ministers, missionaries, and leaders. We stay in incredible accommodations, and experience the cuisine and culture of this beautiful, complex place.

This isn’t a vacation—this is a pilgrimage. It’s a journey of faith and learning that will draw you closer to your faith. Pastors go and are so moved that they come back next year with members of their congregations. Since we began making these trips two decades ago, we’ve brought over 800 travelers with us. It is impossible to measure the impact on ministries, marriages, and members of churches that these trips have had.

From time to time, we also lead people to other vital places linked to our historic faith. We’ve journeyed to Ireland, Scotland, England, and—soon—to Germany on a Reformation tour. We’ve taken dozens of trips tracing Paul’s journeys in Greece and Italy. Something new and unforgettable is always on our horizon. Perhaps now is your time to ‘go.’