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LeaderWorks Testimonials

Leaderworks represents what I call the power of the “3rd” party.  I’ve been Rector of the church I serve for 10 years and it was time for a leadership re-boot.  We needed to have a check up, but needed a 3rd party for this, yet a 3rd party that knew the language of our Anglican tribe.  There are many leadership consultants out there who come from other traditions, but when we discovered Leaderworks, and its depth of experience in Anglicanism, it was a no brainer.   We brought the Rev. Canon David Roseberry in for several days and the conversations and report it produced resulted in a powerful movement forward of the Holy Spirit.  It was also helpful in that Canon Roseberry who built his own church from scratch could speak not just out of theory but personal experience, from the great victories to the great challenges.  The power of the “3rd” party within our Anglican movement has helped shape the next ten years of our great church!

Rev. Alfred T.K. Zadig, Jr., Rector, St. Michael’s Church, Charleston, SC

The fruit of a lifetime of faithful ministry is a whole lot of practical wisdom.  David Rosebery has that wisdom in spades and is generous in sharing it.  Few leaders have as much experience as David, or the ability to translate that experience into helpful, practical wisdom for others.  David does.  Look no further, you’ve found the site you needed!

John Yates

It was a joy to have Canon David Roseberry with us as the preacher for the opening Eucharist of our annual convention in the Diocese of Fort Worth. He delivered exactly what I expected- a thoroughly biblical message that was inspirational and sound.

I have known David for over 20 some years, and this was not the first time he was invited to preach or teach in our diocese. His phenomenal success in the growth at Christ Church, Plano, was based largely upon his ability to declare the Word of God with a combination of wisdom, humor, and challenge. His presentations have always been well received by clergy and laity alike, and I commend him to you as an articulate and competent minister of the Word.

Bishop Jack Iker, Diocese of Ft. Worth

David gets it. He is thoroughly saturated with Biblical knowledge and worldview, and understands how church works, which is a powerful combination. As the founder of an Anglican church that became one of the largest in the nation, David has experienced what it takes to break through all of the growth barriers that any church is likely to face. David’s leadership gifts, innovate strategic insights, and ability to think big have won him credibility and influence with churches and vestries of all sizes, as well as at the national table.

In one brief 90 minute discussion, David energized our Vestry with his ideas and presence. David is an amazing sounding board who can listen and ask penetrating questions, and suggest new ways of looking at what is hidden in plain sight. What a brother and friend!

Ron McCrary, Interim Rector, St. Andrew’s, Ft. Worth, TX
Canon Roseberry spent the weekend at Truro and did a marvelous job of teaching us the Gospel. He preaches out of the whole meta-narrative of the Gospel, the part in terms of the whole, from Creation to New Creation. He weaves 30+ years of pastoral ministry into the fabric of his biblical exposition, so everything is grounded in the rough and tumble of actual life together in community.

In his presence, you realize why he was able to pastor one church so effectively for over 30 years. He is a pastor’s pastor. And he is a friend.

Tory Baucum, Rector, Truro Anglican Church, Fairfax, VA
David’s theme of generosity and candor as fundamental to stewardship struck a resounding chord with Truro’s vestry, particularly those of us shepherding our stewardship effort. It is now the core of our program. His cheerful, personable character belies, or perhaps underscores, his clearly documented success in stewardship. He knows of what he speaks and professes.
Gerald David, Lay Member Stewardship Team, Truro Church

FaithPassage Testimonials

Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, this pilgrimage is guaranteed to take you to the next level. Our guide is passionate about his faith and extremely knowledgeable about Scripture and his native homeland. I came home with not only the awe of having been present at the countless sites I had known from the Bible, but with a new appreciation of the history, religions, cultures and politics that intertwine in the Holy Land. My desire to learn has been ever heightened and I am thrilled to have my fellow Pilgrims to join in continued fellowship and study.

Sandra Walters

The trip for me was a most profound journey of personal spiritual discovery. Along with 26 other pilgrims, I witnessed the vitality of a modern day Israel with its beautiful geography, mix of cultures, ancient history, customs, traditions and religious heritage. Through our daily explorations of incredible biblical sites, we gained knowledge and understanding of Israel and the Holy Land and its importance in the world in which we live. More importantly, walking in the footsteps of Christ and envisioning His life were moments where the Bible became very vivid and real for each of us…we could sense His presence in almost every step we took. It is hard to explain the personal depth of emotion and the confirmation of belief we experienced on this pilgrimage. It was defined by much love, joy and celebration…and by immense appreciation and thankfulness of the ultimate sacrifice He made for mankind. Definitely the ultimate trip of a lifetime!

Larry Edgemon

It had been a dream of ours to travel to the Holy Land and this trip vastly exceeded our expectations. Because distances between sites in Israel are often short, visitors are able to see a lot, and we did! The pacing also allowed us to drink in the landscape, to understand the geography, and to explore places that will deepen our Bible-reading for the rest of our lives.We learned biblical and political history from a guide who is an expert in both and who exhibits a passion for Christ and for the land of his birth. We gained insights that have clarified and will continue to shape our understanding of current events in the Middle East. And along the way, we were treated to celebrations and worship experiences that made this a time of intellectual and spiritual growth — a true pilgrimage.The entire experience was enhanced by the gracious leadership of David and Fran Roseberry and the community of pilgrims that traveled together and continues to study and remember the time we shared.

Todd & Penna Dexter

We feel very blessed to have been able to participate in the October 2014 Pilgrimage to Israel. The opportunity to have the places of the Bible come alive in our very presence was truly life changing. Father David & Fran Roseberry and our guide Sam were gracious hosts, passionate teachers, and spiritual leaders. They make every effort for each person to get the most out of the journey. Many of the places have not significantly changed in more than 2000 years and made an indelible impression on how we are connected to these historical and religious sites. Experiencing the places of the Old and New Testament has changed the way we read the Bible. It has also deepened our faith and love for our Lord.

Vick & Audrey Cook


I am grateful for the comments given by a few of the leaders I have worked with over the last few months. I am humbled by their trust and confidence in me.  And I hope that after some time together helping you with your ministry, you might say the same!

I work with the Province of the Anglican Church in North America, where I am a Provincial Canon for Mission. And I also serve as Dean of the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others.

But LeaderWorks is all about helping leaders do their work.  If I can help you, lead a workshop for your Vestry, help you untie some difficult knots, or think with you about new or proven ways to move forward, please let me know.


The Very Rev. Cn. David Roseberry
Canon and Dean

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