Pastor Tours to Israel, Neil Armstrong, and the Moon

These Guides are Good!

Among all the people that I have met in Israel over the past 20 years, the guides are the most amazing to me. I have seen them in action on many different occasions over a period of 20 or more years. They do NOT disappoint. They will make or break a tourist experience in Israel. I have never had a bad experience with any of the guides I have used.

They must do far more than just repeat facts and dates at a site.  And they are the language interface between Hebrew, Arabic, and English. They must be an emergency contact, official historian, a stand-up comic, detailed logician, consummate peacemaker, rigorous time-keeper, tenacious luggage-finder, friendly pastor, convincing preacher, biblical teacher, courageous leader, and gracious host. I have come to respect and depend on them for most everything our group needs. They seldom disappoint.

(Meet my go-to guide and friend, Samir Makarios. More about him below.)

On our last Pastor tour, I met another amazing guide named Roni Winter. (He is connected here.) Roni had some things to say that I found remarkable and thrilling. As soon as I could, I sat with him in a hotel ballroom and did an interview on camera. I think you will see some remarkable wisdom, character, and courage. The story about Neil Armstrong is totally true. (Thomas Friedman also tells the story in From Beirut to Jerusalem. Here too.)

Upcoming Tours

I will be leading two trips to the Holy Land in January of 2018.

The Pastor Trip is an incredible journey of renewal and inspiration. It is an ‘Orientation Tour’ so to speak, where you will see the land and gain a familiarity with it so that you can lead your own trips. Note the price. It is NOT a misprint. This price represents an opportunity for pastors to come and see…and then go and tell others about it. 

Join me and a group of other pastors next January for a very special tour of Biblical Israel. We will teach and study and pray and encourage each other along the way. We will be guided by my good friend, Samir Makarios. You will be so glad you came and you will want to come again and again.

The Holy Land Tour is for lay people and church members from any Christian church or denomination. I’m excited to see this trip taking shape and YOU are invited to be a part of it. The trip is a full pilgrimage into Israel.  See what others are saying about their experience.

For either, please get it touch with me through various channels on this website. I’d be eager to speak with you.

Go to FaithPassage for details and more importantly, drop me an email there too. I’d be happy to write or call you.

See you next year in Jerusalem!

Samir Makarios

This is Sam, always my ‘go to’ friend and guide in Israel. Look at the CV for Samir Makarios,  It is impressive. He studied in Haifa at The School of Tourism in Israel. This is no ‘Summer Course’. It is tough, rigorous, outdoor/classroom focused and lengthy (2 years for some).  The examinations they must take are intimidating. Here is an example of one.








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