Pastor Tour of Israel will Extend Your Ministry

I am leading clergy tour (Pastor Familiarization Tour) to the Holy Land next January 10-19th, 2018. This will be my 21st trip to Israel and my 4th tour with my ordained colleagues. I can’t wait to share the power and beauty of Israel and to have you experience the visual feast that awaits. I have been able to secure an amazing price for those who are interested.  I only have a limited number of spaces to offer. If you have thought about it…pray about it…and then let’s get going! (Exodus 14:15)

Need to Know

  1. The trip is for active pastors in ministry and service. This would include deacons, priests, bishops, seminary professors, ministers, pastors, and church leaders.
  2. The cost of the trip has NEVER been this low. $1,599.00. (This is inclusive of airfare, hotels, food (breakfast and dinner), guides, fees, taxes, tips, etc.) Really. This is not a misprint. Act now because it might change.
  3. The price reflects an investment made in your ministry in the hopes that you will come back again and again. When you return with a group, you could get most of that early investment refunded and then some. Download the brochure at for details.
  4. Temple Mount

    The Temple Mount

    The level of accommodations and service are wonderful. The food is fantastic, the guides are brilliant (for example, meet Sam my guide and friend for almost 10 years), the hotels are very nice, the buses are new, the crowds are sparse, and the weather is usually great.

  5. Spouses are absolutely welcome. The trip is a wonderful way to renew your marriage vows, share some time, meet new friends and colleagues, and share an unforgettable experience.
  6. There are incentives to return to the Holy Land with some people in your ministry. This is not a problem. Most people want to go to Israel.
  7. You will make great friends with the other leaders. There are many others from different denominations with us. We have a great time together.
  8. More information can be seen at my page. The registration materials are downloadable there too.

Get Ready

It is a joy to see Israel for the first time or for the 21st time, as I have. You will feel as though you are coming home…again and again. If you sign up, I’ll be in touch with you and get a reading list and some preparatory materials to you.




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