WATCH: Are Muslims Really Coming to Faith in Christ?

I met Duane Miller in Nazareth a few years ago through an odd and wonderful set of circumstances. He was finishing his PhD from the University of Edinburgh. He was helping to start and teach in a seminary teaching Arab Christian pastors and living among Muslims in Jesus’ hometown. He is a ministry partner with Anglican Frontier Mission, an agency that reaches the Arab world. And is an Anglican. Go here for a very good summary of his academic career.

Muslims Becoming ChristianHis new book, “Living Among the Breakage” is a serious, well-researched, scholarly look at why Muslims are leaving their faith and coming to the Christian faith in record numbers today. What kind of life to they face as newly converted ex-Muslims? Why are they leaving?  What is attractive to them about the Gospel and the Church?  It is an amazing examination. Duane has done the research and the thinking on this amazing phenomenon.

I have not read the entire book.  But I have had the great fortune of spending good amounts of time with this brother in Christ. We have talked at length about these things.  He knows the subject well.  You should know him.

The introduction to his book reads: Around the worldpeople are leaving Islam for Christianity in unprecedented numbers. This book seeks to look into the world of some of these converts, trying to discern the shape of their newfound faith. Why do they convert? What challenges do they face? And ultimately, what do they in their own complex and sometimes difficult circumstances claim to have understood about God that, while in Islam, they had not? In other words, what is the content of their contextual theology?

You will find him an impressive writer and speaker. I have heard him address small groups and I know he has taught large groups in churches and halls. If you have an opportunity to invite Duane to speak to your church or diocese, you will not be disappointed. (He just wrote the chapter on the Anglican mission in the Middle East in Volume 3 of the Oxford History of Anglicanism.)

I sat down with him a week ago and talked about his book, the life of a Muslim person, why they are coming to faith in Christ, and what kind of life they can live as new Christians.  All of these issues beg the question: What are we going to do about it? How can the church respond to this unprecedented wave of conversions?


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