Don’t Give Up on Lent. (Read this Great Book First)

Lent begins this year on March 1st. And thank the Lord for the Rev. Aaron Damiani who has given us a head start in our thinking about the glory of those Forty Days.  The Good of Giving Up is a fantastic resource for us right now, before Lent.  It is not a Lenten Devotional to be read during Lent. Rather, it is a feast of ideas, theology, tradition, and practices to consider before we enter the Forty Days.

The book should be read by all church leaders, congregations, families, and others who are drawn to the Great Tradition or who want to teach their congregation about Lent. Does Lent only remind you of giving up chocolate or forcing a daily prayer time on a busy schedule?  Do you know why such practices (fasting, prayer, almsgiving, confession, and general acts of devotion and piety) emerged in the life of the church? How do they connect to your soul?

In this short interview, I try to engage Aaron on a few aspects of his book that you might find helpful.   Enjoy the moments with this young leader/pastor/writer. And, by all means, buy the book, “The Good of Giving Up”. 

By the way, there are some great young thinkers and writers in our Anglican family. I think about Tish Warren’s book, The Liturgy of the Ordinary.  I enjoyed interviewing her too, although in a less technological way. (Written interview here.)

Aaron in a priest in the Anglican Church in North America and Rector of Immanuel Anglican Church in Chicago. I commend his book to you.

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