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Giving Up: How Giving to God Renews Hearts, Changes Minds, and Empowers Ministry 

By God’s grace, I have learned a lot about stewardship ministry, generosity training, preaching, and raising resources for ministry. I have written a book about it that is both biblical and practical. It is at the printer now and will be available for pre-order on September 30. I am excited to say that I have a few diocesan workshops scheduled to share the ideas, skills, and vision for generosity in churches. Read more about Giving Up.

Churches for the Sake of Others

As the appointed Dean of the Diocese, I am working with the larger C4SO team to develop and sustain our rapid growth.  As a growing diocese, we are moving from the ‘dream stage‘ to ‘team stage‘. Indeed, we are in the midst of one of those wonderfully productive seasons where everyone is working on the same idea. My role is to help move the Diocese of C4SO into a ‘team stage’ effort where we are all working together to realize the vision. I serve directly with Bishop Todd Hunter and his Canon to the Ordinary, The Rev. Canon Kimberley Pfeiler.

The Matthew 25 Initiative of the Anglican Church in North America

I am kick-starting a national ministry to develop a platform to support the expansion of scores of new “Matthew 25” programs in churches and institutions across the US and Canada. These are programs and ministries that are based on the very last sermon illustration that Jesus gave, namely, that ministry and service to the poorest and the least is a ministry to the Lord himself! (Read Matthew 25:31-46) Begun with a generous grant from one donor, matching funds are being raised in the ACNA. I am developing the Province-wide effort to raise more resources, start even more M25i Ministries, and spread the good news of this effort.

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Rector’s Summit for Vision and Planning (RSVP)  

The American Anglican Council and LeaderWorks are developing a training/learning community for Rectors of multi-staff or larger churches in the ACNA. We host a week-long summit gathering in North Carolina dedicated to developing a peer-learning community to strengthen skills, gain insights into best practices, enrich each ministry, and encourage fellowship year by year. RSVP is an ‘Invitational Summit‘ for Rectors so finding the leaders to attend and encouraging them to be a part of this is an important aspect of the process. Read what one Rector had to say about it here. Or watch a video about it here.