Hack Next Year’s Budget

It is that time of year again. Budget time! As pastors, leaders, vestries, and boards are wringing their hands about the close of this year, plans for next year are being drawn up. Over the years I developed a few ‘hacks’ for church leaders. I’ve collected a few of these tips, tricks, and rules of [...]

Discover Israel: Behold the Man

Every week or so, we will post about one of the sites on our upcoming Israel tours for pastors and everyone. The stories of these people and places in the Bible have the power to form us, first as humans made in the image of God, but also as servant leaders who have been called [...]

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The Vital Role of the Small Church Leader

The mission of LeaderWorks is to help church leaders do their work. In that effort, James K.A. Smith and Tim Keller have blessed us richly with their recent conversation in Comment Magazine. Church leaders who have just begun their ministries, whether planting a church or leading a small congregation, often feel frustrated by a lack [...]

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A Prayer on the National Day of Prayer

  Heavenly Father, hear our cry, O God; Please, in your mercy, attend to our prayer today. From the ends of the earth, from across this state, and all around this nation we call to you: Defend those who have lost much from all further fear and despair. Comfort all who mourn with the hope [...]

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Helping After Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is still dumping rain on the Houston metro area, and it will be some time before we know the extent of the destruction. As one, unified church we pray that God would continue to care for those who are in dire circumstances right now. In the coming days, we will understand more about [...]

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Announcement: Giving Up is Coming Soon!

It’s Ready After years of gathering ideas, studying Scripture, preaching “The Money Talk”, collecting three decades worth of wisdom...and months of writing and re-writing, the book is finished.  We took our final pass at it with our red pens and now it lives with the publisher and then onto the printer...and then I hope...to you! [...]

Pastoral Resources and Responses to Charlottesville

This weekend was a sobering reminder that the work of a church leader doesn’t exist in the isolation of a Sunday morning service or even the context of the local community. In the light of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, pastors should speak clearly and wisely with their parishes. Obviously, rhetoric alone is not [...]

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Introducing Our New Assistant Director

Thanks to a generous supporter of LeaderWorks, we would like to announce our new Assistant Director, the Rev. Kolby Kerr. Kolby is a fantastic young priest in our ACNA and will add greatly to what LeaderWorks is able to offer. You’ll be hearing a lot from him on the blog, so I wanted to give him [...]

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Why Christians Should Honor Memorial Day

Civil Religion? Memorial Day is a date on the civil calendar when the nation can (and should) honor the men and women who died in battle on behalf of our nation. The weekend has come to signify things of far less significance: the opening of the public pool, the start of summer, the firing up of [...]

Pastors & Presidents Walk in His Steps

The images from the President's trip to the Holy Land brought the memories back...in an instant. Pastors & Presidents walk in His steps. The feel of the Western Wall, the courtyard entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the beautiful and unforgettable Middle-East vistas. It is a remarkable place to which every practicing Christian [...]

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