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The Whiplash of Holy Week

Holy Week is the "Week of Whiplash."  The highs in the Story of Palm Sunday are followed all too quickly by the shouts from the crowd calling for His death. Then He slow-walks the next days: from the Garden to the Courtyard to the Praetorium to the Streets to the Calvary Hill to the Cross to [...]

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Ten Ways To Preach World’s Biggest Sermon

The Big Event Talk about pressure, the Resurrection is the biggest event in the history of the world. People will flock to churches this Sunday from all different persuasions and understandings about the Resurrection. The Gospel is very clear about the Resurrection…but the culture today has morphed it into butterflies, spring lilies, and fertility symbols [...]

Holy Week and the Cross of Christ

Reflections about The Cross of Christ Here is a small collection of moving and provocative quotes and comments about the Cross and Holy Week that I have collected over the years. They are sermon starters, devotional nudges, and deep expressions of our faith and love of Jesus Christ and the Cross He endured. [...]

The Easter Bunny Can’t Handle the Truth

Last Spring Break I went to the area mall. It was teeming with people. Kids were everywhere. Families were shopping sales. Kiosks were jammed with goods. People carried all kinds of packages. It was a great day for commerce in North Texas. Except if you were the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny was going broke. The [...]

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Two Rectors Past and Present

Christ Church March marks the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the transition process at Christ Church. I remember it well.  I had asked the Vestry 9 months earlier to begin a search process for a new Rector. I was so thankful for their diligence and care throughout the process. Fran and I were very excited [...]

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Pastor Tours to Israel, Neil Armstrong, and the Moon

These Guides are Good! Among all the people that I have met in Israel over the past 20 years, the guides are the most amazing to me. I have seen them in action on many different occasions over a period of 20 or more years. They do NOT disappoint. They will make or break a [...]

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Pastor Tour of Israel will Extend Your Ministry

I am leading clergy tour (Pastor Familiarization Tour) to the Holy Land next January 10-19th, 2018. This will be my 21st trip to Israel and my 4th tour with my ordained colleagues. I can’t wait to share the power and beauty of Israel and to have you experience the visual feast that awaits. I have [...]

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WATCH: Part 2 – A Call to Plant a Church

A week ago I added a blog post featuring Shawn McCain and his church plant in Austin. He spoke about the vision he has for RezAustin and what it is like to work in a start-up church plant. As I mentioned in the post, Shawn is a great thinker. He is also, humble and clear in [...]

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Raise a Glass and Propose a Toast for Patrick

Raise a Glass Patrick was born in 380 AD in Scotland (probably).  As a teenager, he was kidnapped by wild Irish traders and brought to Northern Ireland as a slave.  It was this hardship that brought him to consider his own sins and his need for a Savior.  He writes in his Confession, “the Lord [...]

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Patrick and the End of the World

Last summer I led a group to Ireland on a Faith Passage tour. The Emerald Island is breathtaking. One day we drove to the furthest point west on the Dingle Peninsula. There, the wind-swept blue sea crashes on rocky cliffs. It is harsh and cold; vast and beautiful. We were at the end of the world, or at least [...]

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