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Ash Wednesday Excerpt: Giving Up

In Giving Up, I relate a moment from a particularly memorable Ash Wednesday. Other memories of this solemn service have been more somber, but none more soberly illustrates our 'selfie culture' or the need we have for this Lenten season that can draw us out of ourselves—if only we will let it. A few years ago, [...]

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Pastor Trip Ends with Joy (Pictures!!!)

Fran and I are in Jerusalem resting after an amazing time touring the Holy Land with a group of pastors, spouses, and laypeople. What a great time we had. From our first day at Caesarea Maritima to the closing liturgy at the Wadi Qelt, we had an incredible experience. What great joy we had in [...]

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Another Surprise Baptism Brings Sudden Appearance

I am leading a tour group of pastors through the Holy Land. Our group is about a dozen clergy, spouses, some dedicated lay people from their churches, and a father with his teenage son. A few days into the trip, the father and son asked if the young man could be baptized here in Israel. Wow. [...]

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Do My Children Have Faith?

A while back, I had taken the day off but my ‘smart device’ had not. It was still receiving emails. When it beeped I did what we all do instinctively: I looked at the incoming email. I wish I hadn’t. Here is what was written (paraphrased to protect the identity of my friend): I sat [...]

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Interview: Matt Canlis of Godspeed

Matt Canlis wasn’t too different from most young ministers at the tail end of seminary. He was full of big ideas for big churches. But unlike most young ministers, he benefited from a mentoring word from Eugene Peterson, who counseled him to put off being swallowed up by the “American Church Machine” and discover a [...]

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It Ain’t Over…Yet

by David Roseberry I have been so grateful for the many people who have responded to the vision of Giving Up.  Several rectors have texted me and told me that the book made a difference in their thinking and in their planning for the last three months of the year. And, thankfully, in the way [...]

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No Palace too Great; no Cottage too Small

Therefore, that He might be liable, He was a Child; that He might be able, He was the Son; that He might be both, He was both.” — Lancelot Andrewes   Hast thou not heard, that my Lord Jesus di’d? Then let me tell thee a strange storie. The God of power, as he did [...]

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The Challenges of Christmas Eve

All hung by the chimney with care...but you're still working! The shopping is done; the gifts are wrapped and under the tree. But for the pastor, there's one more task before Christmas Morning—the Christmas Eve Service. No matter your role—preaching, serving at the Table, leading prayer, leading worship, handing out the order of [...]

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The Zagginess of Holiness

When I was writing Giving Up, I discovered an unlikely source of insight in Zag: The Number One Strategy of High Performance Brands by Marty Neumeier. The foundational principle is that successful brands don’t follow the crowd—they don’t look at the leaders in the marketplace and try to latch on and say “Me too!” Instead, [...]

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