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House Calls: A Pastor’s Guide to Talking to Donors

It's the time of year when church leaders are starting to see lots of red—and it isn't always early Christmas decorations! Lots of churches have deficits they need to close by year's end. I have been there many (MANY) times. Sometimes, these gaps are relatively small. All you need is to remember to 'double December' [...]

Is Fundraising Really That Hard? #GivingTuesday

In 2012, in response to so-called consumer holidays 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber Monday', New York's 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation partnered to create Giving Tuesday. This November 28, organizations, influencers, and individuals will reach out across their platforms to encourage people to give generously to worthy causes. As I wrote in Giving Up, [...]

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Trellises and Vines

The Church is a tended vine. The metaphor runs through all of scripture, from Isaiah 5 to John 15. It's our model for making disciples. But have we taken a moment to ask what we know about the plants themselves? Consider: Vines offer less to look at than perhaps any other plant. There's just no [...]

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Stop Casting Vision

Though we love talking about 'casting vision', but often our 'vision' is just too big for anyone to grasp. It's too wide to take in and leaves people feeling overwhelmed and even paralyzed by possibilities. Barry Schwartz has some remarkable (and terrifying!) research about "the paradox of choice." When we are confronted by too many [...]

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What’s Wrong With My Letter?

Writing an Appeal Letter is about saying "will you" and then "thank you". A few years ago I had to do what every Rector or Sr. Pastor should do about this time of year: write a year-end appeal letter.  My church (Christ Church in Plano) was in the red for the year. Again. [...]

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From the Matthew 25 Gathering

Last month, I spent some time in Arizona at the Matthew 25 Gathering. We brought together individuals and organizations from across North America who are engaged in ministry to serve ‘the least of these.’ It’s always inspiring to hear from these practitioners who actively work toward establishing justice and shalom in the world. Here is [...]

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Interview: Author Abu Daoud

Church leaders must understand their communities and must be attentive to the ways in which those communities are changing. According to a 2016 Pew Research study, while Muslims made up 1% of total population in 2015 (about 3.3 million people), that figure is expected to double in the coming decades. It is estimated that Muslims will [...]

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End the Year on a Generous Note

On this blog, I try to provide tactical advice on growing generosity in the church. Every church leader knows that giving is especially vital as the year winds to a close. The end may be nigh upon us, but there is no need to feel like you are scrambling to get your message out about [...]

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Hack Next Year’s Budget

It is that time of year again. Budget time! As pastors, leaders, vestries, and boards are wringing their hands about the close of this year, plans for next year are being drawn up. Over the years I developed a few ‘hacks’ for church leaders. I’ve collected a few of these tips, tricks, and rules of [...]

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“Next Year in Jerusalem”

Stunning Evening in the Old City Next Year in Jerusalem "Next Year in Jerusalem" is a Jewish phrase with a long and deep history. You can read about it here, but the idea is self-evident.  It represents hope; the unfulfilled hope of the Jews and their desire to rebuild the Temple and make [...]

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