ACNA Liturgy Taskforce Webinars

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Supporting the Task

In 2008, Archbishop Robert Duncan commissioned a Taskforce within the Anglican Church in North America to create a new prayer book that was “so faithful and attractive” that the church would want to use it. Almost a decade later, these faithful servants are in the final stages of realizing their vision.

In October 2017, LeaderWorks had the privilege of facilitating two webinars live from Sumas, Washington during the Taskforce’s meeting to revise the texts for Morning and Evening Prayer and for Holy Eucharist. Archbishop Duncan, now the chair of the Taskforce, generously opened up time to allow everyone to hear from those who have contributed to these texts and to engage with questions of their own.

If you have not seen the working texts and other resources from the Liturgy Taskforce, please visit their website. During our time there, we were amazed out how devotedly the Taskforce archived and considered the feedback they received. As you watch these webinars and use the resources of the ACNA Liturgy Taskforce in your ministry, send them your thoughts and suggestions.

Morning and Evening Prayer

Holy Eucharist